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Moniteq, Inc.

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Greensboro, MD 21639

Phone: 410-827-8870

Toll Free: 1-800-989-9891

Fax: 410-482-4238


CC-BATT (CCBATT): 12 Vdc, 7AH rechargeable battery with recommended 3 year shelf life. All models, except CC-8946, require 2 batteries for back-up power. $28.80

*2 days lead time.

CC-BRUTE1 (CBRUTE1): Brute lock with #1 strike. $548.92

CC-BRUTE2 (CBRUTE2): Brute lock with #2 strike. $552.13

CC-BRUTE3 (CBRUTE3): Brute lock with #3 strike. $628.62

CC-BRUTE9 (CBRUTE9): Brute lock with #9 strike. $628.40

CC-8480SOLENOID (CC8480SOLENOID): Replacement solenoid for Brute lock. $289.07

*30 days lead time.

CC-ENCL (CCENCL): Replacement enclosure for CC-8521A, CC-8521B, and CC-8521C. $36.19

CC-CAMLOCK (CCAMLOCK): Replacement camlock with 2 keys. Not for use with CC-8946 or CC-8521BN units. $35.78

CC-CAMLOCKKEY (CC8946PCB): Replacement key for CC-CAMLOCK. $5.21

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