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Single Door Access Control System

The CC-8521AN is a versatile, easily installed and operated single door access control system capable of operating virtually any electric or magnetic lock. It provides reliable keypad access control using a singe 3, 4 or 5-digit PIN code. The system features an automatic battery charger and low-battery warning, a weather-proof stainless steel keypad with spy-proof shield, water-blocking keypad cable, a built-in 12Vdc and 24Vdc 4A power supply and resilient shock isolators. This system meets MIL-S-901D, Grade A shock requirements. The CC-8521AN is programmed with slide switches to set PIN length, output voltage and enable holding current limiting. Five 10-position DIP switches set the PIN; analog control knobs set the open duration time and penalty time. View product specifications here.

CC-8521AN Data Sheet.pdf
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CC-8521AN (CC8521AN): Includes control unit, shock mounts, backplate, keypad, AC power cord, camlock with 2 keys, and mounting hardware. $2,311.43

CC-8521ANCU (CC8521ANCU): Incudes control unit, shock mounts, backplate, AC power cord, camlock with 2 keys, and munting hardware. Does not include keypad. $1,845.50

CC-8521ANKPD (CC8521ANKPD): Replacement keypad with 20 ft. cable for CC-8521AN. $571.88

CC-8521ANLB (CC8521ANLB): Replacement logic board for CC-8521AN. $234.03

CC-8521ANPS (CC8521ANPS): Replacement power supply board for CC-8521AN. $274.69

CC-8521ANTRANS (CC8521ANTRANS): Replacement transformer for CC-8521AN. $53.31

*30 days lead time.

Visit the accessories page for more replacement parts.

CC-8521AN Manual.pdf
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CC-8521AN Keypad Template.pdf
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CC-8521AN Door Label.pdf
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Block Diagrams.pdf
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Logic Board Schematic Diagram.pdf
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Power Supply Lock Driver Board, Schemati[...]
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